Chula Vista Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspection

Your Used Automobile Inspectors in Chula Vista, CA

Pre-purchase car inspections by our ASE-certified mechanics are a favored auto service here in Chula Vista. That is because our inspection services have saved our clients a significant amount of expenses after deciding to buy a used car. Many people make the grave mistake of acquiring a vehicle based on a brief test drive and a few superficial checks. And most clients have little to no experience appraising the value and quality of their next purchase, so it’s best that you get a mechanic’s expert advice. Get in touch with us today so we can send a professional mechanic to evaluate the vehicle you’re interested in.

pre purchase inspection near me


pre purchase car inspection near me

Why Should I get a Mobile Car Inspection?

Following your decision to rate the vehicle you wish to purchase, it is critical to conduct routine inspection tests to establish whether the car is in good condition or defective. It’s nearly impossible to tell whether a used car is a good investment for you or a waste of money based on just a few “good” looks.

Get a professional mobile mechanic to check over your car thoroughly so you can make an educated choice. This kind of decision is especially critical if you wish to buy an automobile from another part of the country and cannot test it yourself. In such cases, a licensed mobile mechanic can assist in carrying out the necessary inspection chores and generating a comprehensive inspection report for you on the vehicle.

The convenience of a mobile inspection service for used vehicles is a win-win for everyone involved. The seller’s office is a convenient location for the inspection, and the same day the report may be completed and distributed to all interested parties.

This report places you in a far better position to negotiate the price of a used car! That way, you’ll have a stronger point of reference when bargaining with the vendor. You’ll often be able to reduce the original cost merely by considering potential future auto repair duties that would not have been explored without a prior used car inspection. Our mobile mechanics have several years of experience in used automotive inspections in Chula Vista, so you can call us confidently if you wish to order this type of service.

How Long Does it Take to Inspect an Automobile?

The time it takes to inspect a used vehicle thoroughly depends on the reason for the inspection as well as the make and model of the vehicle, but in most circumstances, a pre-purchase car inspection lasts between 1 to 4 hours. The static tests can be completed more quickly, but a test drive by the mobile mechanic in various driving scenarios requires more time. Keep in mind that the customer does not need to be present during the evaluation stage since our mobile mechanic will create and discuss a thorough report with all the necessary information later.

used car inspection

What is Covered with a Mobile Pre-Purchase Car Inspection?

We do every necessary test to determine the car’s condition. Depending on the specifics of the inspection package you want, mobile mechanic pros Chula Vista will handle the following tasks:

  • Indications of tire wear
  • Diagnostics on error codescar pre purchase inspection
  • Components of the car’s braking mechanism
  • Concealed issues with this body and frame (previous accidents, unreported repairs)
  • Identifying Cosmetic Paint Issues (dents, minor rust, scratches)
  • Checking the Wheel and Tire Alignment
  • Adequate maintenance of accessories (headlights, AC, additional electric items)
  • Transmission and Engine Problems
  • Fluid leaks
  • Damage from previous floods
  • Damage from a previous fire
  • Vehicle Suspension and Steering
  • Assessment of Vehicle Glass
  • Exhaust system state and condition
  • Examining the underside of the body for rust or other damage
  • Overall road assessment in a variety of conditions

In short, our qualified mechanics thoroughly examine the automobile to ensure it’s a good fit for you and provide you with an accurate assessment of its worth.

Used Vehicle Inspection Cost

Depending on the make and model, prices will vary from $100 to $220. Please feel free to contact us so that we can provide you with a detailed estimate that includes every detail of the required inspection service.

How do I order a Used Car And Truck Inspection?

Contact our mobile mechanic pros in Chula Vista by phone at (619) 273-0985 or our special contact form on the right side of the page if you need our assistance. Requests can be made any time of the week, and we can usually respond to them within 1-2 business days.